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The Future Horizons project

In 2016, the National Anti-Racial Discrimination Office, established by Legislative Decree no. 215 of 9 July 2003 at the Department for Equal Opportunities, issued the Notice for the promotion of positive actions aimed at combating discrimination based on ethnic and racial grounds, religious affiliation, sexual orientation and gender identity, through the promotion of cultural, artistic, sports, communication, awareness raising, training and information activities. 

UNAR intended to implement the provisions of art. 7 of the aforementioned legislative decree, promoting the implementation of positive actions by Associations and Organizations registered in the Register established by the same Article. 6 of Legislative Decree no. 215/2003, aimed at avoiding, preventing and combating situations of disadvantage and discrimination.The positive actions that were intended to promote with the above notice represent the implementation of initiatives aimed at creating conditions of equal opportunities for all, as well as to promote strong solidarity between citizens / citizens for a more inclusive society and respectful of diversity, according to a differentiated approach also in relation to ethnic origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation and gender identity.In recent years, the policies of "education to respect diversity" have been the subject of deep reflection for a comprehensive redefinition of models and guidelines for action, in view of the changes that have occurred and the demands that come from international and European institutions, as well as from civil society.

The Cultural Association Alphabet of the World, active in the field of anti-discrimination for a decade has participated in the notice obtaining a co-financing of 16000 to carry out from March to December 2018 a series of actions aimed at combating and preventing ethnic, racial and religious discrimination through the promotion of educational and cultural activities including:

 Courses for intercultural mediators (seminars) 

- Specialized language modules for P.A. staff and social workers in contact with immigrants 

- Language and culture courses for P.A. staff and social workers in contact with immigrants 

- Activation of the counter for combating and preventing discrimination

 - Complementary integration actions through courses in Italian language, computer science, work experience

Moreover, thanks to the Orizzonti Futuri Project, the Acam will contribute to the fight against discomfort and social exclusion with a help desk for listening to advice and active assistance every Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 12 noon.

The desk will also be a place where immigrant citizens, public and private institutions on integration and intercultural issues can gather their needs and requirements; a place where projects aimed at promoting the enjoyment of the rights/duties of all citizens can be elaborated and implemented, in order to guarantee a good level of dialogue, integration and interaction between immigrant citizens, public and private bodies and institutions; a place where ad hoc information interventions can be organized.

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